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 Al-Naafe, Client 

"I want to thank Transition Professionals for believing that I would find employment and constantly pushing me to continue to apply for positions even when I wanted to give up. I am currently working and living in my own place. I feel that Transition Professionals and Bonnie are available to help me with anything that comes up." 

Client Testimonials

 Sean, Client 

"They help out with everything from jobs to housing and they are open 5 days a week. If someone doesn't know something, they get the answer before you leave, I give them a 10/10." 

 Louis, Client 

"My life is taking shape again and my future is bright. I cannot imagine where my life would be if Bonnie O'Brien did not step in and offer to help me." 

 Frank, Client 

"Transition Professionals helped improve my situation with no questions asked and for nothing in return. It was truly a blessing to have connected with them...They truly make not only our communities, but the world a better place!" 

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