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Our Mission

Transition Professionals is committed to reducing recidivism by empowering individuals to successfully transition from incarceration to communities.

A Letter From our Founder - Bonnie O'Brien

Dear Friends, 

Since 2014, Transition Professionals' team has been dedicated to improving the lives of individuals transitioning from jail back into society. Over the past years, we have worked with over 1700 people, primarily in Northern New Jersey. They have been assisted by us through connections to resources, counseling, and direct support. We help over 300 men and women each year in rebuilding and transforming their lives. Our dedicated staff works everyday to end recidivism and provide second chances. 


Legal and financial barriers that accompany finding housing, homelessness, a history of drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness, unemployment, poor credit, lack of education, and other factors compound the challenge to successful reentry. We help people to stay off the streets, away from gangs, drugs, and find a purpose. Through this process, we has saved hundreds of our clients from the revolving door of crime and incarceration. 


We believe that support is critical in helping people to not only survive, but thrive in the community after incarceration. By helping the homeless get housed, the jobless get jobs and the marginalized ex-offender get back on their feet. Transition Professionals helps to curb crime, reduce stigmatization, and enrich our local economy. 

We see positive proof daily that constructive alternatives to incarceration allow individuals to find new pathways in their lives. Every penny, nickel, and dime is used by Transition Professionals to help our clients who may very well be your neighbors, family members, or friends. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Bonnie O'Brien

President and CEO

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