Organization Profile


​​Executive Director: Bonnie O'Brien

Associate Director:: Karen Brocklehurst

Operations Manager: John Urchak

Social Worker:  Adelina Garabet, MSW/LSW

Legal:  Romi Saleh, Esq.

Homeless Advocate: Paul Nickels

Program Instructor: Linda Lawrence

Maintenance: Al-Naafe Shabazz & Robert Bedrosian

Chaplain: Debbie Barr-Wright

Clinical Supervisor: Adelina Garabet, MSW/LSW


Charles Bedrosian: CACD & Peer Recovery Specialist 

Anthony Greene, CADC


Linda Gammon


Annikea Bernard

Gina Biondo

Kimberlyn Camilo

Che Hinton

Vasyl Lapanovskiy

John McGinley

Jennifer Ochoa

Thais Pascal

Jessica Paulin

Gregory Provost

Kyiah Riely

Brittany Quassis

Michelle Sheika


Drop in Center
Thursdays 3pm. - 7pm

Alcohol and Drug Counseling

Thursdays and Fridays from 9:30 am - 5:30 pm.  For an appointment please call 201-883-9360. Evening appointments are also available if needed.

Individual Counseling Sessions available any day.  To meet with us please call to schedule an appointment 201-883-9360

Support Group
Support Group meetings for families suffering the stigma and hardships of having a loved one in our criminal justice system. Meetings will be held every other Wednesday from 7:30-8:30pm. 

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
Every Sunday at 2pm join others exploring their journeys from addiction to recovery.  


Court mandated mentoring to help younger persons (up to age 30) find assistance with someone who has experienced the same issues and problems but has successfully turned their lives around.

Veterans Support
We work closely with the VA and various organizations that provide services to veterans and their families.  If you know of a VET who is incarcerated please let us know so we can reach out and offer our assistance.

Every three years, almost two thirds of former offenders are rearrested.


We at Transition Professionals have one main goal: to reduce recidivism. With our knowledge of community services and the criminal justice system, we provide people recently released from jail or prison with the help that they need to transition back into society.  Our services assist them in getting back on their feet by referrals to services, obtaining employment and counseling in order to lead self sustaining lives.

What We Do

Board Members:

Debbie Barr-Wright - Chaplain

Lisa Gladwell - Attorney

Jodi Goffredo

Zonie LaSane

Abbe Morello - VP, Hudson Community Enterprises

Bonnie O'Brien - Director, Transition Professionals

Jennifer Stivers - Director of Supportive Services,              Community Hope

John Urchak - Retired, PSE&G